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Aim: The chosen players must guess which emotions the others are presenting.Length: 5 minutes Material: None Choose 3 volunteers who go out of the room with a leader.Length: 5 min Material: Whistle, stool and a coin Split the group into two teams of equal size.They should stand in two parallel rows opposite each other and be holding hands.The first person to blow the whistle receives the point.

Aim: Two teams try to pass on information through pressure signals.Length: 5 minutes Material: Bags and notes with instructions Split the group into smaller teams.Prepare the following list with instructions with each instruction on a separate piece of paper.Length: 10 minutes Material: Prop table, fabric, a menu, a stool, a woolly hat, a pistol and some costumes This sketch should be acted out by 4 leaders or guest actors from your community (see the end of the page for the sketch text).To introduce the play you can say that it deals with the theme "feelings – how I should deal with my feelings and how I shouldn’t deal with my feelings”.

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