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Taking the hearts of young adults and older folks and tying them together creates a different bond.

No matter how rich a young adult's social or family life, it's a time of transition and change; new eyes and mature mentors offer great benefit.

I don't think it's unrelated that my oldest now waitresses at an independent senior living place.

What keeps her there is the camaraderie and relationships with people who are of a vastly different generation, some of them nearly five times her age.

The seniors have skills to work more individually with students in sometimes-crowded classrooms that would otherwise be short on individualized attention.

Nationwide, schools have benefited for decades from foster-grandparent programs that put older people into classrooms working with grade-school students on reading and writing and other tasks.

So I wasn't really surprised that when I befriended a centenarian years ago while writing a story and we started to visit quite regularly, my girls adored her.

Just as someone who doesn't get enough of a mineral seems to crave it, so they craved seeing Maggie.

It tackles two issues that plague segments of American society. My mom had dementia, while cancer claimed his mom when the girls were toddlers.

They longed for grandparents, and it was obvious at family gatherings and school events where multiple generations would affectionately throng their friends and cousins.

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They hold both formal recitals and impromptu music events.

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