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He soon found that he enjoyed “watching” as much as he did participating - especially the interracial stuff, as it was even more taboo.Steve was very open about his experiences with me and the whole idea of it turned me on right away.”, but the whole “Would you prefer a man with a big cock or a man who is good in bed?

Today I am very lucky to be able to bring you my interview with one of those figures today, none other than the fabulous figure of hotwife queen herself Janet Mason.Thanks so much for your time and answering all the questions so honestly and comprehensively xox hotwifeblog: Hi there Janet, thanks for agreeing to be interviewed. Janet: 38 at the time of this interview - my birthday is April 8, 1967. Janet: 32DD-23-35 hotwifeblog: What is your height? Janet: Very adventurous and fun-loving but not frivolous. He was approached by an older couple in their late 30’s that he was friends with to be the “extra man” for threesomes for the wife, whom Steve found to be extremely attractive - but mostly the husband just liked to watch her fucking young guys and really hung black guys rather than joining in.Janet: 5 feet, 3 inches hotwifeblog: What colour are your eyes? Over time they introduced him to other, usually much older, couples in the lifestyle - and soon he was introducing his own girlfriends to it.That being said, for purely physical sex I prefer muscular or slim black men with huge cocks, dark skin and very lean bodies who are also very verbal and aggressive bedside manner, have lots of imagination in the sack and the stamina to fuck me very, very hard for a long time. I do NOT pretend to speak for other women here, but to me it absolutely does - some women don’t care.My other kink is for younger men - and by “younger men” I mean guys who are at least 10-12 or years younger than I am, and usually more than that. I like “teaching” and that age range is good for that. I like them both extra long and extra thick - not just one or the other.

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Plus, in general, guys that age can always, without fail or need of “assistance” get hard as stone, recuperate in no time, fuck for hours and shoot cum like firehoses. hotwifeblog: How many lovers have you had since becoming a hotwife? The feeling of being so filled up and nearly being split in two drives me over the edge again and again.

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