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Waldorf admits that they still haven't solved the puzzle.” Moreover, according to Waldorf, "we can help them figure out their compatibility, but individuals have to figure out their chemistry.

The nice thing is that on e Harmony, you're starting out with a pool of matches with whom you at least have compatibility." The popular social dating site Plentyof (Alexa-rank: 638) has, what they call, a "relationship chemistry predictor" (algorithm), which measures (a) self-confidence, (b) family orientation, (c) self control, (e) social dependency/openness, and (f) easygoingness, to determine supposed “chemistry” in relationships.

Gasner states that he calculated this ratio via the ‘obvious math: (1/10)x(1/10)x(1/10) leading to the conclusion that 1 in 1,000 females was a marriage-level match’.

Assuming a reciprocal nature in both physical and personality, however, he seems to be missing a 1/10th factor in this calculation, which if used correctly would yield 1 in 10,000 females at a good match.(b) The supposition that Gasner uses no “chemistry textbook” theory is difficult to determine exactly, being that Gasner stopped returning emails on 01/31/06 with American chemical engineer Libb Thims, after being questioned about the nature of his website and specifically if he used any sort of thermochemistry or chemical thermodynamic theory in his matching algorithms. I should probably make an effort to submit a presentation paper for the algorithm behind the beta site Reaction Which one is focused on algorithms Miami 2012 or Beverly Hills 2012?

Unless a site is using an algorithm that incorporates Gibbs free energy in some way or another to match people the same way that molecules actually pair in reality, it is a baseless algorithm.

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It is amazing to see even the military niche growing in this section.

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