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It's just become this thing now that Emily and I really enjoy doing. I know we want to keep it a bit of a surprise for everyone. It's going to be a great opportunity to enjoy the 200th episode, but on top of it to kind of give something back to the fans. Emily's going to look so beautiful, as she always does, but classically beautiful.: They're going to have to deal with their different reactions to things, because of where Booth is -- in prison and coming out of there.It's a lot of fun, and the two of us have a blast kind of stepping into whatever those characters are at times. Bones is going to have to re-evaluate the relationship in a way (e.g., Why is he acting this way?Back in 2005, when a cocky FBI agent first joined forces with a bookish forensic anthropologist to solve crimes, David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel never could have envisioned their mismatched characters sharing not only a home, but also a baby, in the year 2012. It's not fair for us to guess exactly what happened after that. But we're not having any bedroom scenes right now, thank God.But here both actors are, sitting for their first interview in Booth and Brennan's cozy new living-room set — complete with crib and stuffed animals strewn about the floor. Boreanaz: Actually, for our first episode in the house, I thought it looked too perfect. TV Guide Magazine: Your exec producer Hart Hanson tells us he does want to show a sex scene next season, after the infant's older. I just had a baby [in real life], who comes with me to work every day. Boreanaz: They won't be attacking each other ferociously over steaks they're grilling outside. Boreanaz: We were going to take you there, but you're not allowed.Committed to uncovering the truth, Brennan and Booth ignored the potential danger of confronting a governmental monolith and soon found their professional and personal lives in turmoil, after Booth was arrested for the murder of three FBI agents.In the Season 10 premiere, "The Conspiracy in the Corpse," Brennan and the Jeffersonian team are desperately working to get Booth out of jail, clear his name and absolve him of crimes he did not commit.We continuously want to push the button of the competitiveness and the sexualityness. I'm very familiar with that kitchen counter over there. I'm sure there will be something as the series goes on.

For me, it was long and arduous from even towards the end of last season and to go into it this season again, figuring out this whole conspiracy within the FBI and playing this arc that went on for some time.So it's nice to do something different in that way, but it definitely is demanding and a bit exhausting. taking the show to different place and changing the dynamics of the characters.There's new dynamics in this show that take new and different directions, you'll see in the first few episodes. It does keep it interesting.: It's funny, because were actually just kind of discussing that yesterday.As he awaits trial, Booth also realizes that many of the convicts with whom he is locked up are criminals he put in there, and Daisy and Sweets have a surprise for the rest of the Jeffersonian team.: Booth is in trouble. We think he's not going to survive being in prison. It puts a real strain on the relationship even when he does get out of prison.We have different ideas about how we're going to get him out. It's a big deal -- and it's not going to be healed in one episode or something. David Boreanaz: I think it will last throughout the season, but I don't think it will necessarily be as dark as people think it will be.

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