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The Porteño who has a heart and truly wants to at least make it to “Base Camp 1” will meet a woman under more controlled circumstances.

He is introduced by a friend at a party, pays for her bus ticket or helps her pick out a good piece of meat, and makes eye contact.

Any of the above answers are reason enough for him to lay it on thick with El Chamuyo.

These “chamuyeros” (men of the chamuyo) are likely to show their romantic side now that the female has responded positively to his attempt.

Now that the way of the Porteño is clear, it is time for even better news.

Foreign women are especially attractive, as the Porteña ladies are often difficult, dramatic, hot tempered and remind them of their mothers.

For a Porteño, finding a woman attractive is like starting at the base of a mountain he plans to climb; it takes little effort, no shame and evokes the distant notion of a conquest.

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As my Parisian friend Pierre once said, “They say that Paris is the city of love?

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