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You don’t even need to speak the other language well!

The majority of English speakers learning other languages are terrible, so no matter how bad your Chinese or Japanese or Korean is, you won’t seem that bad compared to everyone else.

It’s a Chinese app so mostly Chinese people use it.

Elite Singles makes it easy to find and connect with like-minded Asian singles looking for long-lasting romance.

Similarly, there is no evidence of white men who are unencumbered by racial considerations preferring Muslim women, although they possess the qualities that are much sought after by such men -- obedience and fidelity.

Although they invariably factor in romantic preferences, none of the surveys I've cursorily checked paid adequate attention to white women's preference or lack thereof to physical characteristics and attributes of Asian men.

For any of these languages there are way more native speakers learning English than there are English speakers learning these languages, so you’ve got way more demand for people like you than there is supply (assuming you’re fluent in English).

Try using a language exchange site like italki or Lang-8.

If you’re ok with meeting Asian guys who actually live in Asia, you can pretend that you’re learning Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, or any other East Asian language.

The enviable standing of black men in sports and music -- two major preoccupations of American life -- also gives them an advantage over Asian men, who are conspicuously absent in American popular culture.

And Chinese, Korean and Indian students, be it in school or college, are invariably classified as nerds -- hardly a "cool" category that generates dating buzz among females, particularly during the "vampire-chick-lit" phase they inexplicably go through.

Our Asian dating site combines a thorough personality test with your personal search criteria to establish two key things: what you are looking for in a relationship and the kind of traits you prefer in a partner.

Our method is based on the "Five Factor Model" of personality traits and is one of the reasons we are able to match over 2,000 happy couples every month!

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  1. As I got older, family and friends would say things like, “Oh, you should try a dating site for people with disabilities.” They meant well, thinking it would be easy for me to relate to someone who understood what I was going through. I heard this message that there’s no way an able-bodied guy could ever fall for me, so I should just stick to “my people.” Did they mean that? How many times has it been the other way around on TV or in movies, where a woman in a wheelchair falls in love with an able-bodied male and it's some unrequited-love situation?

  2. And yet, 15 years later, none of this has happened, and the actor has been so absent from the movies that he’s spent the last couple of years on hiatus, painting.