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Girls typically shy away from solo dates, you'll often be enriched with ladies bringing their trusted sister, gaggle of shopping buddies and the occasional 'acha he's like my brother' dude who has secretly been pining for the lady in question and has a long term strategy that entails waiting for someone to break her heart so he can gallantly step in and play hero.Tip: Don't worry, eventually, in between picking and dropping the lady in question, you may be able to squeeze in a few intimate moments while she scans the neighboring cars for people who might have recognized her.It's practical, you get to talk (in the man's case listen) and you can reasonable assured that if you give the restauarant a french enough sounding name, your date (and her entourage) will dress up like they are appearing on the nearest catwalk.As you'll likely be catering a rather larger group than you expected, it's preferable to bring along your old posse Monsieurs 'Visa' and Master Card'. The Parents: No Pakistani man would like anything better than to avoid meeting his dates parents.Even the 'liberal' variety would like nothing better to relieve the gentlemen callers head from the shoulders via a blunt spoon.You’ll be hard pressed to find a more beautiful nation, and you’ve hit the jackpot should you stumble across one in Singapore and land yourself a date.We’re pretty sure this isn’t what the girl scouts had in mind when encouraging us to ‘be prepared’, but regardless, here’s a round-up of essentials to keep in your Lipault handbag the next time you find yourself on a date with a hot french dude. Hailing from one of the most cultured nations in the world, a French dude loves nothing more than a challenging, intellectual conversation.

The cellular industry is certainly a boon in this matter.Forget your fancy gelled up hair do, the leather pants, and super tight sequined shirt, wear the most boring respectable clothes you own. Mimic the mannerism of your date's father, it'll make him feel comfortable that you have so much in common.The Outing: Odd's are that you'll be taking your date to a Dinner.Etiquette dictates that it is always polite to let the lady in question speak, (preferably till she chokes from lack of breath).In the probable advent the blabbering puts you in a coma, it is useful skill to nod off to sleep whilst keeping your eyes open. Tip: If you'd like to test whether or not she actually likes you, lean back.

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Ditch the slap and go au naturale; French men love an effortless look, but they’ll never notice a slick of neutral lippy.

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