Here you can find sexy and open-minded singles & couples looking to explore their sexuality, chat, hook up with, etc.We also offer many features to facilitate people looking for anything from lovers to intimate relationships.I would also like to point out that even just the front page of perpetuates a number of stereotypes of bisexual people, particularly that they are not interested in having a serious relationship with one person.

Maybe you're experiencing feelings towards other bisexual women and bi couples, you just can't get your head around?In this blog, I’ve done a review of a number of major dating sites and I’d like to point out a common “oversight” which may serve as an example of how values get encoded in technology.Namely, it is very difficult to be bisexual on a dating site.What you may not know is how the problem is compounded according to sexuality. Read More Evan Rachel Wood on what people misunderstand about bisexuality Ever since Evan Rachel Wood came out as bisexual in 2011, she's been very vocal about wanting to eliminate the misconceptions many people have about bisexuality....Bi Couple Dating Explore your Fantasies You’ll find that Swinger Hookups is a good starting point to meeting a third person, if you and your partner are looking for a threesome.

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