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My current girlfriend Emily was good, but Sarah was amazing.

Letting him put a baby in her, and tattooing her body.

There is only a single sex scene in this story, expanding on what happened to the POV character of Not Kyle, Sarah, after she passed out. *** Kyle was a good friend of mine, but not any more.

Ever since he got my sister pregnant, he'd been an asshole to her.

I grabbed her by the hips and helped her slide up and down on my shaft. She had a silly glass bauble that dangled between them, which I had rocking. Sitting there brooding about it got me hard again, so I went back to her room.

She kissed me passionately as she took me inside her. I absorbed the feeling of her absorbing me, feeling her willingly sliding on me. Her perky breasts bounced in her shirt with the motion of my thrusts. I pulled her down on me, hilting as I unloaded into her hot wet body. I pushed her off me and went to my room, worried about what I did.

I couldn't wait to kiss her along her stretched signage.

I sometimes secretly watched her masturbate while tracing the words I had written across her belly. Written in big block letters, so they were as legible regardless of how gravid her state. The door was wide open and my daughter's cries were coming out of the house.

I suspected it was from earlier arousal, but she might have just naturally sat a little open. I pushed her knees apart and knelt between her legs. She stripped me nude, threw her panties off to the side, then mounted me. I held my eyes closed as I focused on the wonderful feeling of her pussy wrapped around my cock. I grabbed her phone and smashed it against the car. Kyle was approaching me, his arms raised but palms towards the ground. "You blackmailed her into getting your name tattooed on her! I backed away along the car, towards the driver's seat "She could have refused and walked away." Kyle said, still slowly advancing.

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