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As I dove deep into the world of Christian writers and speakers over the past few years, it became painfully obvious that there exists a divide between sons and daughters of Christ over issues like sexuality, modesty, and the holy v-word — Virginity.At 27 years old, I still turn red and tear up when I hear someone on a stage denounce the loss of virginity and praise purity.We’ve left little room for the women standing at the wells in our communities, while Jesus simply gave them new, everlasting life just as he did with the Samaritan woman in John 4. It all happened so fast and wasn’t something I was expecting or wanting.When it was all over, I was so lost and confused about that night, I lied to myself and others that it was my choice, and that it was beautiful.But sisters, if your story is anything like mine, the redemption you’ve sought is already here.

But when I was met with tears and questions of, “Who? Suddenly, everything I had forgiven myself for and everything God had forgiven me for was shoved to the forefront.

Don’t get me wrong– after the choices I’ve made in my life, I am a huge advocate for waiting until marriage for sex.

I believe in a God-created intimacy that is best enjoyed and fulfilled with one committed person. But when losing your virginity is portrayed as a disgusting sin you must carry with you forever, rather than a past covered in grace, my heart can’t help but grieve for the ladies who have been taught to believe that lie.

I felt unworthy to go on, like I could never be truly forgiven.

The following months of dating were met with plenty of tears and arguments over where to draw the line in our physical relationship.

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