Corey bohan dating audrina

Daughter Kirra Max was born seven months later, in June 2016, and the couple married in Hawaii in November.

"These problems have existed their entire relationship," a source told .

A Los Angeles Police Department PIO also confirmed to Bohan filed his divorce response on October 24 to request joint legal and physical custody of Kirra and spousal support from his estranged wife.

He also asked the court to terminate the ability to award support to Patridge and for her to pay his attorney’s fees.

"I am fearful of [Corey's] temper because he cannot control his swearing and personal attacks on me, even when in the presence of our young daughter," she alleged.

Audrina also said she believes there is a risk of Corey abducting Kirra and taking her to Australia, where his family lives.

Also in the documents, the reality TV star said he had violated the restraining order she took out on Monday when he 'refused to leave their house' on Tuesday.

According to the site, 'she showed up to pick up some stuff' at the residence.

The Hills vet, 32, has taken out a restraining order on him after a domestic violence incident, according to TMZ.

The stars seen at Sushi Roku restaurant, West Hollywood in 2008 New: Also on Friday The Blast shared an image of a shirtless Corey arguing with her father in the home owned by Audrina.

It has been claimed that Bohan will not move out of the Irvine, California house that she owns, as specified in their prenup Bohan has said that her father was always in the home and wanted to fight with him, according to TMZ.

It’s a disappointment on so many levels to say the least.

It’s painful and it’s really hard.'Adds the source, 'This whole situation is so unfortunate for everyone.

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