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"They have a way of proving you wrong."So keep your eyes open and keep checking and sharing your trail cam images with the DNR.

But this amazing journey takes us back to the second part of the primary question: Female cougars are known to disperse shorter distances.

In fact, it's the absence of female cougars that has so far prevented the recolonization of the big cats in the Badger State.

As a spate of mountain lion sightings (all by trail camera) has been confirmed this year in Wisconsin by the Department of Natural Resources, many are wondering: Could Wisconsin have a breeding population of pumas? The answer is woven in basic biology and a characteristic known as dispersal, or the distance an animal typically moves to find a new territory."We definitely have habitat and food resources for cougars," said Jane Weidenhoeft, DNR assistant carnivore biologist.

And before cougars establish a breeding population in Wisconsin, they would likely do it first in Minnesota or Iowa, Wiedenhoeft said.

There's no evidence of it in either state."But as we so often see with wildlife, it's usually best not to make predictions," Wiedenhoeft said with a laugh.

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