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" Seller: "No." Buyer: "What about a set of Bridgestone tires? " Buyer: "You have a 2007 Suzuki listed for 00 on Craigslist. " Seller: "......." Buyer: "So you didn't list a 2007 Suzuki for 00? "The job ad is honest and transparent and on top of the cash compensation the person who fills the role will gain some amazing work and life experience," the couple told SFGATE over email.The specific details of the employers' lives, coupled with a long list of desired qualities made it sound like the posters were looking for a personal assistant-ninja-dogsitter-beautician, some complained.The idiocy is not entirely limited to the buyer, as there are many occasions where a seller is contacted and then has no idea what they are selling.Because there are so many stupid people on Craigslist, many scams have been set up to take advantage of this.

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  1. In the publication, the now-31-year-old admits he wanted to "disappear" after becoming a household name, and how he "rode around in the trunks of cars" to avoid paparazzi.