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It recorded about 4,000 reports of 'scams or fraud' cybercrime in a three-month period at the end of last year.

Basically 'cybercrime' is hard to quantify and we don't have a clear picture.

Now in hindsight I know it was the wrong thing to do, but I was tunnel visioned by fear and panic at the time.

Question: "Masturbation - is it a sin according to the Bible?

" Answer: The Bible does not mention masturbation or state whether or not masturbation is a sin.

He took the phone and messaged the the girl pretending to be a police officer.

That was the last they heard."I tried to send them the most official message I could," he said."I don't know if they ever did buy it."Apparently this is what Mark Zuckerberg does: Which makes you think it's a good idea.

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  1. But some links connecting the men had emerged by midweek: A Bensalem friend of Meo’s, Eric Beitz, said that Di Nardo aggressively sought new customers for his marijuana and firearms dealings.