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Community News - "The generosity of our community is heart warming, especially at the holiday time.

Please donate and help our Retreat families enjoy this special time of the year," says Loretta Davis, Executive Director of The Retreat.

Community News - "Our patrons are even going out and getting support from local businesses such as Barth's Pharmacy and they are stepping up to donate personal care goods as well," noted Selina Pasca.

Community News - "The American Cancer Society's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walks on Long Island is a way to celebrate cancer survivors, pay tribute to loved ones lost, and give to help save lives from breast cancer," said Patti Lestrange Mack, Communications Director of American Cancer Society.

Community News - Before Harbor Fest wraps up with a Turnpike Block Party at Estia's Little Kitchen, which supports the Sag Harbor Partnership's Sag Harbor Cinema restoration efforts, you can enjoy Whaleboat races, A Taste of Sag Harbor, and much more.

Community News - "Hampton Racquet is proud to support Project MOST and the incredible work that they do.

Community News - "Depression is the Number One cause of disability worldwide.

HDRF is addressing the problem by conducting the most advanced depression research today.

Community News - "We are grateful for each and every donation," April Gornik explained.

Community News - "With more transportation options in Suffolk County than ever before, there is no excuse to get behind the wheel after a night of drinking," Suffolk County Executive Steven Bellone noted.

Community News - "I am delighted that our Riptide event is able to showcase the depth and breadth of local talent, and I am excited to see this innovation community continue to grow all year round," remarked Ashley John Heather, Founder of i-hamptons.

Community News - "Through these free events, the East Hampton Healthcare Foundation, in partnership with Southampton Hospital, provides access to health screenings and educational information for a variety of healthcare resources and services," shared Sheila Rogers.

Community News - "The Retreat requests that in honor of domestic violence survivors, show your support during nationally recognized Domestic Violence Awareness Month by spreading the word that domestic abuse happens in every community," remarked Loretta Davis.

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