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However, it was an easy fix which took me all of about 10 minutes with a file to complete.

Magazines The M10-762 ships with one 30-round Tapco Intrafuse® “Smooth Side Low Drag” 30rd Magazine.

It probably comes down to personal preference as to which one you like better.

I’m not sure what happens to all of those old thumbhole stocks and other parts removed off M M rifles, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they are shipped back to Romania to be installed on the next batch of import AKs.The M M labeled handgrip is manufactured by Hogue so it’s sized correctly for large-pawed corn-fed Americans, as opposed to the tiny commie-era factory grips you typically see on AKs.The standard commie grips (two examples shown above) were made to fit five-year-agricultural-plan under-fed 1950’s era Soviet bloc peasants and it’s a “must-replace” part for most American shooters.I’ve been running Hogue and Ergo grips on three of my AKs for years and I highly recommend both grips.The big difference is the Hogue has more pronounced finger grooves and the grip angle seems a little different than the Ergo.

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