Dating in the dark results july 27 35 year old woman dating 24 year old man

The rich want to make money because they can always become richer. When one's resources are only enough to scrape by, money is all that matters. Looking after their spouses, their children; there is a culture of dependence that weights them down.Marshall, Carter and Dark convince the rich that the impossible is invaluable, while any anartist on a street can twist a die into a hypercube.The methodology of such a scheme is quite simple, but the critical step is to gain a market monopoly.Similarly, they host various social functions for the most rich and powerful people in the world.

The poor may spend their savings on worthless yet treasured trinkets, sold by the middle class.The salaryman may splurge on a pretty ring for his wife, the profits of which go into the pockets of a wealthy mining boss.In the same way, the gullible rich will burn millions of dollars on a single impossible object.With a glance, Marshall, Carter and Dark could level a city, bankrupt a country; with a single call, they could plunge the planet into a thermonuclear war.Yet, to the eternal relief of all, they are the least volatile players in the anomalous field.

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