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It marked the end of the festive season with the arrival of the wise men. You can decide for yourself whether the themes of the play remind you of the gifts of the magi.Sometimes the holiday was celebrated by breaking society's conventions, with masters waiting on servants, and people being allowed to play whatever roles they wanted ("what you will").While he's in love, though, he's irritable and moody. Her parents recently died, and then the brother who had been their heir died as well.Olivia seems capable and dignified, always serious but able to understand and enjoy a joke.In today's movies, it's common to include a well-known song appropriate to the movie's themes.In the 1960's, a rock musical called "Your Own Thing" (compare "What You Will") was based on the play.

By the time the first act is over, we realize that Viola, unlike the two upper-class characters, won't be feeling sorry for herself.And just beneath the surface are life's darkest, most terrible truths. In such a world, it is your DUTY to find and cherish whatever real happiness you can.In the era of kings, the court jester has one special privilege. Twelfth Night -- study guide Twelfth Night -- text from Bartleby Twelfth Night -- text from MIT The names of Shakespeare's comedies don't really describe their content. In keeping with the theme of "pursuit of happiness", this was my July 4, 2003 holiday project. Unlike my other pages on Shakespeare, there is no "mature" content here.

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("She bore a mind that envy could not but call fair.") She is brave and stays as cheerful as she can be.

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