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Andrew Logan was my idea of what I thought the perfect guy would be, but he wasn't actually perfect for me. I prefer someone's unique sense of humour to rattling off jokes from TV shows and movies.

We really didn't have much in common at all in fact. I'm more interested if a man is passionate about his career than his possession of a bunch of degrees on the wall.

In tenth grade, I orchestrated a "meet cute" with the senior dropout who I had been obsessing about for months.

I showed up at his work at the local Blockbuster and confessed that it was me, -- yes, me!

And calling people "buddy" all the time is fucking grating. I am no longer interested in playing games or pulling strings.As I was flipping through the diary from my last two years of high school, I discovered an alarming pattern that made my stomach turn.In addition to my obnoxious and excessive usage of "shall," I noticed that when it came to boys, I was a grand puppet master.He may have been the perfect guy on paper, but I'm hopeful that there is someone -- real and three-dimensional -- who will more than fill his size-12 shoes because I know now whom I'm holding out for: someone You can read more from Ravishly here: The Myth Of Misandry After Tragic Acts Of Terrorism, Can We Grieve Without Reflexive Racism? If you have a relationship/dating question I can help answer, you can send me your letters at New readers, welcome to Dear Wendy, a relationship advice blog. Plus, she texts and calls late–sometimes after p.m., and that pisses me off because I feel they both aren’t respecting our relationship.

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He was born in Vancouver -- so he's earthy and athletic -- but his law degree from Mc Gill University proves that he's also intelligent and articulate. " "Cool." They, of course, being the kindest people on earth, never questioned my sanity -- though maybe they should have -- or reminded me that was indeed, about the least "cool" thing on earth. They wished him "happy birthday" (not last week however) and sent him online quizzes such as, "Which Grease Character Are You? He always responded back in his jovial, cool manner, ending every sentence with his trademark, "Buddy." "Happy birthday, buddy," he'd write on my friend Rob's wall.

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