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Galactic Civilizations has the diplomatic victory, which involves having at alliances with at least 4 factions and no other faction be out of your alliance, there are two ways to accomplish this, ally with all factions, or ally with the minimum number of factions then destroy the rest.4X games are known for their complex gameplay This is in contrast to most real-time strategy games.Computer gaming sites have stated that 4X games are distinguished by their greater complexity and scale, Each player takes control of a different civilization or race with unique characteristics and strengths.Most 4X games represent these racial differences with a collection of economic and military bonuses.For example, the Space Empires series and Galactic Civilizations II: Dark Avatar have a long expansion phase, because players must make large investments in research to explore and expand into every area.Hence, writers have tried to show how 4X games are defined by more than just having each of the four Xs.This is more typical of space 4X games, where players may assemble a ship from a variety of engines, shields, and weaponry.

4X computer games are noted for their deep, complex gameplay.

Emphasis is placed upon economic and technological development, as well as a range of non-military routes to supremacy.

Games can take a long time to complete since the amount of micromanagement needed to sustain an empire increases as the empire grows.

The game can be won either by becoming an elected leader of the galaxy or by exterminating all opponents.

The term "4X" originates from a 1993 preview of Master of Orion in Computer Gaming World by Alan Emrich, in which he rated the game "XXXX" as a pun on the XXX rating for pornography.

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