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Making homosexuality acceptable would probably eliminate most people's need, or desire, to be on the down low.If tolerance is too hard, there is another way to deal with the increase in disease risk.However, black women are less likely than women of other races to say that their male partners are bisexual.Most scientists believe that, once again, this has to do with the cultural hazards of disclosing a non-heterosexual sexual identity for men from cultures that place a high value on traditional masculine roles.

The only way to eliminate the problem of people having sex behind their partners' backs is to change society so that open and honest communication about sex is the norm.Men across all races and cultures have been known to deny their attraction to other men. In a September 2007 interview, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said "there are no gay people in Iran." What he really meant was that, in Iran, gay people are not allowed to live their lives without fear of persecution and death.There are many groups in the United States who would like to be able to say the same thing -- that there are no gay men here.The first of these is the relatively low frequency of circumcision, since uncircumcised men are, in general, more susceptible to HIV.Another issue is the fact that many black MSM have poor access to health care, or partners with poor access to health care.

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