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Of course, you may be very excited to meet the other person.Remember to move at a pace you are both comfortable with, since your new friend may also be nervous or anxious about meeting you.Remember that when you use disabled dating sites, the people who look at your profile will understand some of your limitations, feelings, and background.You don’t have to worry that you will be judged for your appearance, your writing skills, or your disability.It’s important to remember that your child has the desire to be in a relationship, and it’s your responsibility to help your child navigate the world of dating in a way that is safe.Unfortunately, there are many people who are more than happy to take advantage of teens and young adults with down syndrome.People with disabilities now enjoy the full advantages of internet technology which helps them to meet new people and develop new relationships.

You can send a message to anyone you like, and you can even send a message to more than one person.

Your parents can also help you to cope with any anxiety you may have.

Once you begin planning your first date, make sure that it is in a public space that makes you both comfortable.

A large number of commercial and free disabled dating sites offer their matchmaking services.

These websites ease the process of finding members by country, language and by other criteria like age range, education, disability type and more.

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Dating for people with down syndrome can be complicated, particularly because there just aren’t a lot of resources or advice for how to approach dating, and there certainly aren’t a lot of dating websites geared toward people with down syndrome.

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