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This version featured ten members from Team A, six from Team K and five from Team B.

The single's CD included a poster, and a promotion was planned in which fans who collected all 44 posters would be invited to a special event.

The promotion was later canceled by Def Star Records amid concerns about possible violations of antitrust laws.

The group released its 11th major-label single, "10nen Sakura", on March 4, 2009.

Aika Ōta was transferred to HKT48, Aki Takajō and Haruka Nakagawa to Jakarta-based JKT48 and Sae Miyazawa and Mariya Suzuki to SNH48.

The winner was Mayu Watanabe with 159,854 votes, and Rino Sashihara was runner-up with 141,954 votes.

On June 22, Oricon reported that for the first half of 2011 AKB48 topped the album sales charts and had the best- and second-best-selling singles ("Everyday, Kachūsha" and "Sakura no Ki ni Narō").

The group amassed ¥6.66 billion in merchandise sales.

In its first week the single topped the Oricon chart with over 300,000 copies sold, the most by a Japanese female artist in seven years.

AKB48's 16th single, "Ponytail to Chouchou", was released on May 26, 2010.

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One of its concert venues, the Yokohama Arena, was used for a two-day charity event beginning on March 26 and 12 AKB48 members attended the Okinawa International Movie Festival that day for the same purpose.

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