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Staying at the forefront of the global clean energy transition is an opportunity to strengthen …We may not see cyber-attacks but they are happening every day, and with increasing severity.As a result, our economies have become more vulnerable to cyber threats. The EU Paediatric Medicines Regulation has benefited a series of childhood diseases, yet only two innovative anti-cancer drugs have been authorised so far.Francoise Grossetete MEP analyses the impact of the legislation and points out …

To decrease the number of people who are diagnosed late or are unaware of their infection, new strategies are required to expand targeted HIV testing …As extremists are increasingly using the internet to radicalise the vulnerable and marginalised online with their poisonous ideology, the European Commissioner for the Security Union, Julian King raises the bar in Europe’s fight against online …Read the full story » We must not accept Alzheimer’s disease as a normal part of ageing.Dr Martine J Piccart and Dr Noam Ponde from Institut Jules Bordet make an extensive study of the European drug scenario and note that a major reform in drug development is necessary, with “risk sharing” …Placing the issue of metastatic breast cancer firmly on the European Parliament’s agenda, Emma Mc Clarkin MEP writes that politicians should highlight the psychosocial needs of sufferers and strive to understand their lives to ensure better …

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