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You won't need skills in Corp Management, Industry, Leadership, Planet Management, Social, or Trade.At least not for combat; those are money-making skills. EVE Commander is a web-based application for the management of everything EVE.There are screens for monitoring your market orders, monitoring the price of various items at the main trade hubs, organising your assets and ships, looking up your industry and research jobs, checking on your skills and much more.For example, in the screenshot Jon has Navigation III.If the skill shows as a red X, then you don't know it and cannot immediately train it.And in any case they are not exactly obvious either. If the "Skill Browser" tab is not selected, select it.

In the example, I have selected Evasive Maneuvering. If you cannot figure out what a skill does from reading its synopsis, then click the button "Show what this skill enables...".The certificates system could, in theory, be useful for learning about the existence of skills. This can save you a lot of time, as versus attempting to find out about skills in game or via the web. (Cut and paste are handy here.) Now you've got your character in EVEMon, what can you do? Take a minute to look at the sort of info you can get via API. Select "Plans/New Plan", and input a name for your new plan.But as of 2013, certificates are ill-thought out, and basically a joke. It stands for the EVE character monitoring (and planning) program. To use EVEMon with your particular character, you must generate a so-called "API" for that character. You should now see the planning interface to EVEMon.Generally speaking, a combat pilot will want to get any skill he can in Drones, Electronics, Engineering, Mechanics, and Navigation, and Spaceship command.You can focus on missiles, in which case get skills in Missile Launcher Operation (but still look at Gunnery for Weapon Upgrades and Advanced Weapon Upgrades.) Or focus on Gunnery.

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