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In the images folder you will find 2 of them cut to size.One of them I have put the sort of details you may put on yours and the 2nd is left blank for you to add your own call sign ETC, Just use the basic "paint" program in windows to do this.If you want to buy music on i Tunes, download apps in the App Store, or use i Cloud, you must have an Apple ID.A few years ago, linking a credit card to an Apple account was mandatory.By doing this all of your site pages will have the same navigation buttons and be able to link to any page.One last thing, keep all your page names in lower case, some web site servers don't like upper case, as I found out when my site host moved my site to a new server and I lost many of my pages!!Note that if you don’t link a credit card or other payment method to your Apple ID, you will obviously not be able to complete purchases, but you will however be able to download free content, such as free apps.

6) Enter the required information to create your new account.The file you need to use is called "blank_header" and you need to save this as "header.jpg" when you have added your call sign ETC.You can make your own from a cropped photo, just make it 1000px wide by 200px but the height can be more if you want. I have made 38 navigation buttons, these are all in the images folder.If you add one of the supplied buttons or add a new one of your own you will need to make a page to match this button.Lets say you make a new button called "my cats" and put it on the home page, you will also need to make a page called "cats.html" to make it easy for you I have put a page in the main download folder called "default.html" you need to make a copy of this page and call it "cats.html" and link the "my cats" button to the new "cats.html".

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So all your buttons are in place and you need to tell these buttons where to navigate to, so "button 2" would link to "2.html" through to "button 8" linking to "8.html".

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