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She met Ray several months later and never looked back.

She had attended Nick's funeral just over a year ago.

The triple layer of clothes she wore made it impossible to see her figure. She got more concerned as the questioning continued it seemed as if he already knew the answers to many of the questions.

Debra had stopped by the bank and an ATM taking out a cash advance on a credit card gathering all the cash she could, she only hoped it would be enough. The fact is every time she would try to lie to the voice he called her on it telling her he knew she had lied and demanded she tell him truth.

She arrived at the motel that day and followed the instructions on the note to the letter.

Standing in front of the door she placed the blindfold over her eyes and timidly knocked on the door and waited. I mean my husband he's a writer for Newsday and so I thought you know that you thought we had money and you could blackmail me for some quick cash." She said skeptically "No you didn't Mrs. We both know what you thought we would want from you." The voice said menacingly "but for now I just want to ask some questions Mrs. For three hours Debra was interrogated by the voice.

She couldn't believe she had ever allowed him to take the photos like this of in the first place. She was an adventurous college student at the time experimenting with her own sexuality.Debra Barone's heart stopped as a quiet voice told her to have a seat, her purse was taken from her hand as she was guided into the chair. I uh don't really have a lot of money but I brought what I could so... Questions about her sex life with Ray and her sex life before she had met him.She had worn one of Ray's sweatshirts and sweatpants under the thick winter coat she wore. " the voice asked "Um well I don't know." She paused "I guess I just don't understand why I'm here." She asked sounding confused and worried "Well you drove yourself here Mrs. She was asked about the photo's and when they were taken.Debra knew there was no way she could ever let Marie see the photos of her. Deep down she thought Marie actually loved and accepted her as her daughter-in-law, but the photos would change that and ruin her life.No way would the saint Marie ever accept the fact that her little angel Ray had married a tramp who would have had photos like that taken of her. That would be bad enough if they only saw them a few times a year that she would have to suffer through, but to live next door to Marie and have to face her day after day, no way could she live with that. She decided to do as the note instructed to keep those photos from her family.

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