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Uncensored role playing lets you explore each and every one of your deepest, dirtiest fantasies, as well as those of other members you will meet and have sex with!

Colossians -16On June 16, 2015 Trump announced his candidacy with a promise to build a wall.10 days later gay marriage passes on the 9th of Tammuz, the day in Jewish history when the walls were breached.

We have been seeing many such clues alight our path and it would be wise to take notice.

Many actors are playing their part on a giant stage.

And, whew, there are a lot of connected dots." sexchart v9.25 - 11-23-01 big loop: 1400 people.

"This weird thing alone is worth the price of admission (free)." sexchart v9.22 - 3-25-01 sexchart v9.21 - 1- 3-01 * need to know - 12- 8-00 "they can't *all* be bots, surely? sexchart v9.19 - 10-21-00 sexchart v9.18 - 8-25-00 sexchart v9.17 - 7-14-00 big loop: 1100 people. sexchart v8.89 - 1- 2-99 sexchart v8.88 - 12-15-98 big loop: 525 people. sexchart v8.85 - 11-19-98 sexchart v8.84 - 11-12-98 sexchart v8.83 - 11- 6-98 big loop: 500 people. sexchart v8.63 - 9-26-98 sexchart v8.62 - 9-25-98 sexchart v8.60 - 9-23-98 sexchart v8.59 - 9-22-98 big loop: 400 people. " (psst, i'm female.) sexchart v9.35 - 9-28-03 sexchart v9.34 - 6-23-03 * videotage - 4- 8-03 the sexchart was used in an art exhibition in hong kong, & i was paid ACTUAL CASH MONEY for it. click here to see the chart mention in the paper catalog! The current "winner", apparently, has had sex with 43 others on the chart." * mexican radio interview via phone - 1-18-02 very silly, but i'll put up an mp3 if there's interest. - local link - 1-11-02 "Nevertheless, some haven't taken kindly to having their personal meatspace links documented, and Daelnar has even received related e-mail threats." * dutch sexchart article - local link - 1-10-02 english translation - thanks to corine "Lish seemed to find it worth mapping forth this survey, She hopes to map every earthling. if you have any versions i'm missing, especially from the 7or 6series, please send them to [email protected] Or is this all one man's conflated introspection of his extended bachelorship? - local link sexchart v9.33 - 4- 6-03 sexchart v9.32 - 2- 6-03 sexchart v9.31 - 12- 3-02 * newstoday - 10- 4-02 "computer underground since 96" * - 11-16-02 the first mention of the microwave festival project. anomaly - - 8- -02 "the goonies sex/blowjob/kissing chart v2.5". sexchart v9.29 - 7-28-02 sexchart v9.28 - 7- 8-02 sexchart v9.27 - 5-13-02 big loop: 1500 people. * programmer's challenge - local link - 2- 1-02 "Your Challenge this month is to produce a better Sex Chart." (no one did.) * uk: the paper chase - 1-24-02 "It may be worth your while, though, the paper also looks into Sexchart ( - an online document that links more than 1,400 internet users who have shared sexual encounters. sexchart v9.43 - 1- 1-10 sexchart v9.42 - 5- 1-06 sexchart v9.41 - 6- 1-05 sexchart v9.40 - 12-26-04 sexchart v9.39 - 7-30-04 sexchart v9.38 - 5- 3-04 sexchart v9.37 - 1-27-04 sexchart v9.36 - 11- 8-03 * metafilter - local link - 10- 9-03 "Conversely, do you need a chart to track who has dated whom, who has slept with whom, and who has had more than their fair share of drunken hookups? sexchart v9.26 - 4-12-02 * WSVN television interview - 2-18-02, 2-19-02 shown as a 'feature story' on "the news channel, wsvn". * metro article corrections - local link - 2- 7-02 corrections to the metro santa cruz newspaper article, below.Well everyone must have an hobby and ambition." * russian sexchart email interview - local link - 1-10-02 english translation - from my sent-mail folder * spanish sexchart article - local link - 1- ?

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