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In a quote is said, "I have the face of an ageing choirboy and the build of an undernourished featherweight. One of the most popular shows in 20th century entertainment, Amos and Andy were played by white actors.

Famous and lesser know episodes from the birth and growth of a Great Nation presented from popular OTR sources, including Cavalcade Of America, American Trail, Frontier Fighters, Mr. In its prime, entire towns listened to the show; Stores would close and even movie theatres would stop the film while the Amos and Andy show was played.

It told in-depth, fully dramatized episodes from the Babe's career, so there was a sense of the real man there in the dugout and on the field.

He had plenty of success with his own programs like Kraft Music Hall, The Chesterfield Show, and Philco Radio Time, but he also made regular appearances on his friends' programs.(update) now with 78 additional recordings: produced by Joseph O.

The infrastructure for TV broadcasting was slow to be adopted in South Africa, but they had this terrific version of The Avengers from Springbok Radio.

The collection now contains the comedic duo's various guest appearances on shows such as Command Performance, Jack Benny, Fred Allen, Rudy Vallee and more!

Dan Holiday, retired newspaper man turned fiction writer and adventurer extraordinaire.

To gain ideas for his books, he places an ad in the paper "Adventure wanted – will go anywhere, do anything – Box 13."Is there anyone 'finah in the state of Carolina?

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