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The photos they lay on the ground of a foetus during various stages of development is quite frankly a disgrace.They stand there all day and terrorise vulnerable women.” reached out to several pro-life groups who have been seen outside abortion clinics.They’re concerned that if they arrest people the CPS will say you can’t because they’re exercising their right to free protest and of religion.Realistically, it’s not a decision we should expect the police to have to make.

People have complained to the police and the council, but there’s never been a really targeted campaign until now.

Marie Stopes and the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), two major abortion providers and family planning services in the UK, are both behind the local action to bring in a Public Space Protection Order and the national push to implement buffer zones around clinics.

Rachael Clarke, public affairs and advocacy manager at BPAS, told “This has been happening for years, but women are often afraid to go to court and stand up and say what happened.

Please don’t do anything now that will HURT YOUR CHILD because you will later regret it.” Another listed “possible complications” stemming from abortion being “breast cancer” and “damage to maternal instinct and to bonding process with any other children you have”, which are unproven side effects.

Ealing residents have also expressed “outrage” at the pro-life protesters, with one saying: “The presence of the ‘pro-life’ protesters is incredibly intimidating, especially as a young woman in the area.

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