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In feeling rejected by his reluctance to be in a relationship, you decide to be with him on any terms rather than none.You hear: He’s not ready to be in a relationship right now because his cats stuck up a tree/one time in bandcamp a woman hurt him/he’s just out of a relationship/he’s busy at work but once he realises how good we can be, he’ll change his mind. Plus…if I leave now and he changes his mind in the future, I’ll miss out.

But by telling you this, he knows you’re going to put in the extra effort in an attempt to prove him wrong and in the meantime, he’ll reap the benefits of it.

Don’t: brag about your career, cut him off, wear a power-suit, make him feel like he’s on the stand. (The Blahs) 3.) You advertised (usually through a younger, slimmer version of yourself) and promised something you’re not. (The Park Avenue Princess) 5.) You interviewed him. Again, he doesn’t need to know you are in AA or about your dysfunctional childhood (The Flasher). 7.) You were rude to people around you, impatient, and quick to snap. 9.) You talked about your ex-husband or ex-boyfriends.

Your biological clock is ticking and you wanted to figure out how he is with his mother, how he feels about kids, and if he’d consider moving to support a family.

There are two primary ways that this line comes about: 1) He has blown hot and faked a future making out that he is looking for a relationship and now that he is expected to deliver on the early activity, he has called a halt to things. 2) You are pushing for a relationship and he’s saying that he can’t give it.

If you want to be in a relationship, whether it’s with him or as one of your wider goals, when someone tells you that they don’t want a relationship, it is red flag and a sign to opt out, especially if they are expecting you to stick around and play Friends With Benefits or Booty Call.

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This list might prove helpful as you pinpoint what ‘type’ you tend to lean towards, so hopefully you can alter your words, behavior, and demeanor for your next date.

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