Intimidating names for women

And there are two good websites about RV living in retirement: RVing Women and Loners on Wheels.

KH: Are there any drawbacks to “living with a twist”?

But if you’re moving to a place where the fit will be just right, this step will probably be less scary.

,” purchasing a house or a condo solo in retirement can be intimidating.AARP found that almost half of mature women are willing to consider having a non-romantic roommate in retirement.KH: What’s another unconventional living arrangement for single women in retirement? She has moved around from one volunteer opportunity to the next in Florida, Alaska, Arkansas and New Mexico and her food, lodging and sometimes even a stipend were included.KH: Next Avenue has written about women who love living out of an RV in retirement.Why might that be a good idea for some single women?

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For more information about retirement living as a volunteer, go to Barbara Traynor’s site, Second Career Volunteer and the “Get Involved” area of the website for the National Park Service.

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