Intimidating police uniforms

Meanwhile the commanding officers had to know where their units were, which was the reason why even units with less conspicuous uniforms (e. Russians dressed in dark green, Prussians dressed in dark blue, Swedes dressed in dark blue or grey, Portuguese dressed in brown) carried large and highly conspicuous colours, standards or guidons.

Even when breechloading rifles were introduced in European armies, colored uniforms still served a purpose in identification amongst the gunpowder smoke until smokeless powder was adopted.

Sabre Stun Guns are a non-lethal mode of protection and are now used by most law enforcement agencies in the United States.

Still, the setting may justify doing away with visual camouflage, especially in case the enemy doesn't depend on human spectrum vision to target the opponents, be it using infrared, echolocation or some kind of Of course, it's entirely possible to combine both instances into one huge Uniform of Impracticality, as seen in the trope illustration.

In historical works taking place before the time around World War I, this is Truth in Television, as a lot of armies really did wear ridiculous uniforms back then; uniforms with adaptive coloring didn't become widespread until the twentieth century.

Stun Gun devices provide an intimidating/psychological deterrent.

When deployed, a loud electrical current jumps from probe to probe which can be both visualized and heard from distance.

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Led by German Salafi convert Sven Lau, the unit members scolded nightclubbers for drinking alcohol, in an attempt to enforce their hard line interpretation of Islam.

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