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At the moment, my dentist is monitoring my wisdom teeth and I am in dread of getting them out. When I was about five, the first time I ever went, I got a filling.I have avoided the dentist for years at a time which means that when I eventually do go due to a very severe toothache, I have to get a tooth pulled or a huge filling.Anyway making a long story short last May/June I got a name of a good dentist here in Dublin from this website through another girl who had fears. Got into reception, was only there 1 min, started getting that 'dentist smell', saw the different pictures on the wall and then the receptionist started to ask me different questions!I phoned him up, he spoke to me for 5mins and during this I was nearly crying on the phone! That was it I couldn't handle it any more and went into convulsions of crying..poor girl didn't know what was going on or what she had said.I have to make an appointment this year but the thought of it makes me sick.Sometimes I think it would be easier to have all my teeth removed and dentures fitted - not realisitic I know, but I'm terrified.He was very helpful, explaining everything to me, and telling me how I'd feel afterwards. His assistant was brilliant too, but tomorrow will tell...... The treatment I got was very sore and I lost a lot of blood.I am a very nervous patient but can usually manage fillings when necessary but recently I needed an extraction! It was more than 20 years since my last extraction. When I asked him if he could do anything about the blood loss he said I should just put up with it. I'm almost in tears reading the emotions expressed by other people here; my stomach is in knots just thinking about dental treatment.

It is not that the injection doesn't remove the pain, it's that the injection itself is so painful and brings me close to hysteria. As a very nervous patient, an unsympathetic dentist stopped drilling a tooth [I thought because I was shaking too much]. When I asked for an expaination, he said sarcasticly "you're ging to cry, aren't you".He gave me inhaling gas that day which really, really worked and I went home with one filling done......I was so delighted and'd have thought I won the lotto or something.I asked for a sedative that came in the form of 2 tablets. If someone talked to me about the dentist or what they had got done themselves I would have to ask them to stop talking about it or to leave the room.While not knocking me unconsious, I did feel like I had just had about 5 pints of beer and the whole experience of getting the 2 fillings proved to be no problem at all. Just by listening to them talking on was always on the verge of crying. filling in Spain and was told to go straight to the dentist when I when I went home..I..

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