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Those rumors are very unsubstantiated, as Park hasn't really shared any photos of Cheadle or any other love interest on her social media besides those of her Royals cast mates (including, of course, Austen). Austen also has not been rumored to be dating anyone, and he shares many photos together with Park and his cast mates.He hangs out with a lot of his friends and looks to be enjoying his newfound career success very well.And, further more, it does seem that they both Park and Austen are currently single.First off, let's look at their individual love lives before we dive into any chances of them dating each other in real life.While they have plenty of mushy-captioned photos of each other on Instagram, they always make sure to point out that they are great "friends" who have massive amounts of love for each other. " They seemed quite awkward about it, but Park asserted that they're just best friends and that Austen "wishes."Basically, the love between them seems clearly platonic, but that could be exactly why they have such chemistry on screen.

Since the start of the series, the status of Jasper and Eleanor's relationship has hung in the balance and much of the speculation has trickled out into the actor's real lives.Famous One Tree Hill star actor, Source: Speaking of his marital status, he's possibly unmarried yet.We are mentioning him as unmarried as there is no conclusive evidence of his marriage.One of the questions he frequently gets is about his marital status. Source: Instagram Some actors disclose their personal life to the public for just their fame.But James Lafferty is not among those type of actors. He never posts any pictures with his girlfriends on the social sites like Instagram and Twitter.

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According to some sources, the couple dated for around a year during 20.

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