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You can find some more good material on value objects on the wiki and by Dirk Riehle.

A Value Object's identity is based on their state rather than on their object identity and is immutable. POJO: Plain Old Java Object which is not a special object.

The required conventions are: Because these requirements are largely expressed as conventions rather than by implementing interfaces, some developers view Java Beans as Plain Old Java Objects that follow specific naming conventions.

interface, as opposed to heavyweight EJB 2.x (especially Entity Beans, Stateless Session Beans are not that bad IMO).

Most of time, they follow the Java Beans conventions and are thus Java Beans too. inside a class with a lot of complicated logic, for sure it is not a Java Bean, it can't be a VO as it is mutable, could it be a DTO?

altought it is not targeted for remote invocations of any sort. @x SNRG: Partly because it demotes objects to data that other code acts upon.

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Today, the term is used for any simple object with no extra stuff.

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