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If you think you can go through a mental checklist in your head and name some of the most iconic couples in the entertainment industry, then we’re here to help you out and lengthen that list.

As we stroll down memory lane, some of the best romantic scenes will pop up in your head.

“What interested me in this show and premise was that gray area.

I think that what probably, frankly, happened was that people looked the other way. And look, at the time, cocaine was a rich-white-man’s drug. A.-based actresses-turned-wrestlers whose major conflict is outside the ring, and comedian Marc Maron as the down-on-his-luck movie director who hires them to be part of an all-woman wrestling show that’s as much soap opera as it is fighting.

You’ll think about those on-screen couples that took their chemistry off-screen.

but I think we are sensitive to the conspiracy theories that have, I think over time, been a little debunked,” Andron said.I don’t think there was any conspiracy to bring crack to the inner city or destroy a people. Next Celebrity wives have a much more notable role than just looking gorgeous on the red carpet; in fact, they have an inseparable part of their famous husbands’ success.The two are still happily married and their red carpet moments are priceless.Dustin Hoffman rose to fame when he starred on The Graduate, and he hasn’t stopped landing groundbreaking roles since then.

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