Liquidating assets prior to divorce

Arguments for choosing one particular valuation date over another include marital contributions, one party’s dissipation or failure to maintain the asset, and just about any reasonable argument a Sarasota divorce lawyer can think of.

The most important lesson in determining which assets and debts are marital vs.

It can include real property, personal property, bank accounts and retirement accounts.

In a Florida divorce involving significant real property, it seems that the value of the property increases (or decreases) dramatically right around the time of the dissolution.As cited above, the valuation date is almost any date that the court sees fit.This is a huge factor in a litigated Sarasota divorce, as the parties can each have their own experts providing not only the value of a business or piece of real property, but also the values across a specific date range.non-marital in a Florida divorce is ensuring that the appropriate values are assigned to these assets and debts. Marital property is property acquired by one or both of the parties during the marriage.

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The assets of the business are just like the “marital estate”.

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