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Meanwhile, I’m nursing a broken heart from my most recent attempt at a relationship.

It’s Just Lunch offers clients a chance to get acquainted over lunch.

Really, all that dating sites can do are introduce people - it's up to the singles and potential couples to take their interactions from the pixels on a screen into the real world, and dating sites will never be able to help with that.

." We think such sites are just one more weapon in the dating arsenal.

And e Harmony is out of the question—not just because of the five million-part questionnaire, but because it seems too conservative. Phil, whom I despise.) Finally, there’s JDate, and—what else can I say—my college boyfriend upended my need to convert to Judaism when he dumped me after graduation.

All this kept my mind returning to those It’s Just Lunch in-flight magazine ads I resorted to reading on my last flight after I abandoned whatever dep transcripts I was supposed to be reviewing.

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