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However, I am frequently there during the day distributing invitations to the families there and we now have seven family units who attend our congregation from the projects.We cant make a difference in all who live in the projects, but we can make a difference in some!Every other month they send us 400 copies of a professionally produced pamphlet with a personalized section with our congregations information on the front cover. I am hand delivering them from house to house in Arecibo.Most people are friendly but frankly are not very interested.To say that the Arecibo congregation was richly blessed with the three week visit of Shane and Holly Sullivan and their children Stephen, Holly and Caleb is an understatement.Shane is the evangelism minister at the Northwest Church of Christ in San Antonio.We have endured a warm summer, but we thank the good Lord for plentiful rains this year after last summers drought with water rationing.

We continue in a partnership with the Jacksonville Church of Christ in Alabama with their Heart to Heart, House to House ministry. are distributing the pamphlets by using direct mail.

To date, 261 homes have been contacted in our community. As I go door to door in 2017, I ask for your prayers for two things: first, that God will lead me to people who are receptive and secondly, that God will grant me the necessary health to be able to reach the goal.

Obviously most people are simply not interested in simple New Testament Christianity, but I have a profound conviction that there are people with good and noble hearts out there. : During January I made three trips to the hospital in San Juan to visit the 22-year-old grandson of one of our most faithful members, Margarita Fliz.

Things have finally returned to normal after what I call the worlds longest holiday season here in Puerto Rico.

The Arecibo congregation surprised me with a wonderful reception after worship for my birthday on January 29th: Lord willing, following the Biblical pattern of preaching the gospel from house to house, I have set a personal goal of personally visiting 2017 homes in the Arecibo community with gospel material and an opportunity to study the gospel with my visualized study of the gospel right there on the spot.

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I just keep on going, trusting in Gods promise that His Word will never return to him void.

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