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In Wilde’s view, Jack’s refusal to acknowledge that he is “a Bunburyist” is what differentiates him from Algernon from a purely moral perspective.Jack’s refusal to admit what he is makes him a hypocrite.The characters in The Importance of Being Earnest are not realistic or true to life.They don’t display consistency of temperament or viewpoint, even within a given scene or speech.

“If you are not, then you have certainly been deceiving us all in a very inexcusable manner.

Algernon counters with the suggestion that it is the married man who needs Bunbury most of all.

On one level, this exchange merely continues the long-running marriage gag, which treats the whole Victorian notion of “married bliss” with a kind of gallows humor.

Lady Bracknell is implying that if the poor and the downtrodden in England knew anything about anything they would overthrow the ruling class.

The speech exemplifies one of the ways in which Wilde’s comedy works.

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