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This second scenario assumes weak global trade, UK interest rates being cut to 0%, and increasing competition for the major lenders from smaller, challenger banks.

And now I may not know what my condition is because there are no services rendered due to the strike”.

The Bank’s key interest rates currently stands at 0.25%.

Lenders have also been set a biennial “exploratory” scenario, which assumes “severe and synchronised” stress to the UK and global economy.

The union’s chairman at the provincial department of health‚ Tonny Rachuene‚ said the system used to pay bonuses was divisive.

“For instance‚ if 100 people got scored five in their performance agreements‚ only 10% of those employees are entitled to bonuses and the rest are not paid anything‚” said Rachuene.

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Setting out the stress test scenarios, the Bank of England said: “As highlighted in recent financial stability reports, the United Kingdom’s large current account deficit creates a vulnerability to a reduction in foreign investor appetite for UK assets and increases in funding costs for real-economy borrowers.” The background against which it wants banks to test themselves includes “a sudden increase in the rate of return investors demand for holding sterling assets [which would mean higher interest rates on government bonds] and an associated fall in sterling”.

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