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He was eventually drafted by the Hawks and Jazz of the NBA, and was even chosen by the Vikings of the NFL despite never playing college football.The sports blog “The Sporting Muse” recently ranked the Top 10 Most Intimidating Players in every major sport – NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA.This is not a greatest athletes list, but simply looking at it from a genetic standpoint.Most of these guys worked hard to get to where they were, but a maximal genetic envelope often plays the biggest role in this list.The biggest surprise you will notice is that Michael Jordan is not on this list.Jordan became the world’s greatest athlete but he possessed a combination of imperfections.Whether they are a 350-pound defensive lineman or a celebrity quarterback, there are an abundance of intimating players in today's game. ’ I kind of take it offensively,” Richardson said, his tone going from relaxed to serious. The 6'3", 326-pound defensive tackle clogs running lanes like nobody's business.

Just because guys are still in the League shouldn’t preclude them from being selected.He is now a member of both the Baseball Hall of Fame and College Baseball Hall of Fame.Besides excelling in baseball, Winfield was a star basketball player at Minnesota and helped win the school’s first title in 53 years.Besides roll into a fetal position and play dead, you'd probably do anything and everything in hopes of getting out of that situation.Just imagine how defensive players feel every time Oregon is in town.

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Those stats would be enough to get him a spot on this list, but throw in two more years in which he won the NBA Defensive POY award (to make four total), and he’s undoubtedly deserving. In a press conference at MSG, LBJ said that if he saw himself coming down the lane with a full head of steam, he wouldn’t stand in to take a charge.

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