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If you can't respond privately because some ruddy turd wasn't registered or didn't have the brass balls needed to give a negative review without logging in, then just forget about it and don't respond. Please, go the extra mile to create your own way of giving your character a curse, work out your own magic system or make up your own brand of Zombies, instead of cluttering up the Highschool of the Dead category here with something you should try to polish up enough to get a publisher to accept it.- Chapters that aren't chapters.Found several examples lately where the responses to reviews took up more space then the actual chapter. If you absolutely have to let your readers know something, then edit an existing chapter and put your little note at the end of it or just put it on your profile, don't have an entire chapter be an author note. Emiya Kiritsugu was happy living the rest of his short days. until he began to dream of futures that had yet to be.My mind is however still bubbling away with ideas for the vegas vaccation challenge, but so far I have managed to prevent myself from starting yet another new fic.But I am starting to realize, that I probably will start scribbling away on the tale of Harry Potter and Wonder Woman's distressing marriage woes at some point.Did some minor revisions here and there and finished the sixteenth chapter of Black Heir. I'll likely go over it again and do some minor revisions at some point before posting it.Also (re)discovered Harry Potter GTS and it's sequel.Harry/Haremthis is my first shot at making lemonade, naruto is told to restart not only the uzumaki clan but the namikaze and senju as well. The order agrees and hands him a very important mission.

Do it privately or not at all, don't waste precious lines in what is supposed to be a work of fiction to debate, praise or whatever. Perhaps you've borrowed the magic system and world from Harry Potter or the Jusenkyo pools from Ranma or whatever, but otherwise what you have is an actual original story.

Going the harem route might be fun, but at the moment, I'm thinking that poor Harry will probably be distressed enough waking up alongside someone who has just ensured that he has a mother-in-law who's the queen of an entire island of very skilled female warriors with man issues.130225 - Evening I've mostly been fiddling with some old Ranma fics lately, doing some minor revisions and adding a few lines here and there.

Not quite sure where the inspiration came for writing in that particular fandom came from, but whenever I've taken a seat and tried to do some writing, I've always wound up there for some oddball reason for the past couple of weeks.

If I have to chose between spending time with my loved ones or sit cooped up in front of my computer writing fanfiction, I'll chose my loved ones nearly every single time. :) So don't even bother pleading for rapid updates as I have a life outside of fanfiction and have no desire to put the former aside for the later. It's just that you may have to wait for quite a while before the next chapter shows up. Harry Potter always knew he'd have to fight in a Wizarding War, but he'd always thought it would be after school, and not after winning the Triwizard Tournament.

:)When Harry is eight he wins a camera and begins to photograph the neglect and abuse he suffers. Worse still, he never thought he'd understand both sides of the conflict. A different upbringing leaves Harry Potter with an early knowledge of magic and a view towards the Wizarding World not as an escape from the Dursleys, but as an opportunity to learn more about it.

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