Myspace bulletins dating original newspaper articles dating during 1944

A short time later, presumably the morning after, the crowd of My Space users from the previous evening open the bathroom door while Anderson is vomiting, and take his picture as he hunches over the bowl, resembling Anderson's actual profile picture.

Vendetta Studios, the credited production company, is not classified as an official Motion Picture Production Company on the Internet Movie Database. There are, however, two other production companies with similar names: "Vendetta Films" and "Vendetta FX".

My Space makes it easy to add, erase, or change your profile information whenever you want.

Simply go to your home page and click the Edit Profile link in the top-left corner of your home page. The Personal Info tab on the Profile Edit page is divided into eight separate screens you can select to edit different parts of your profile.

), but it started losing popularity as soon as Facebook became big. This is another real and embarrassing picture taken by me that was actually my profile picture.

Later on, Anderson consumes copious amounts of pizza, alcohol, and even cocaine.

Myspace was not only where you went to brag about your friends or to post crazy selfies of yourself – it was also where you went to learn more about the people you knew, but never really actually spoke to in person. The order of your top 8 was probably the most important thing on your profile. You worked really hard on making a very elaborate summary of yourself complete with graphics and cool fonts. You regularly posted long bulletins full of info about yourself that was kind of pointless.

Myspace is still there (go find your old profile for fun! And you had at least one mirror pic selfie that included a gigantic digital camera because phones with good cameras weren’t a thing yet.

This short segment proposes a humorous theory as to the origin of My Space creator Tom Anderson's default profile picture - arriving at a college party, where he is immediately the center of attention.

(This directly alludes to the fact that whenever a new profile on My Space is made, Anderson is automatically added as the user's first friend.

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