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He asked how was my sex life and how many times I fucked her to which I replied atleast once a week and my sex life was great and that shruti was quite open and liked trying different things to which he asked for specific examples.Now I knew I was revealing too much but if I had to trust this man and give it a fair shot, I had to put everything in it and plus I was just getting very very excited that I could share all this with someone and not just with a stranger on internet who I'd never meet but someone who could and would meet my wife.The risky part made it very exciting and my pants were bulging and Ahmad confessed he had a big bulge in his pants too.After a bit of talking he said so this weekend I can come to your house.

He sensed my excitement and Fear and gave me a naughty smile and then continued.

We were not very good mates and I was concerned that he would share what I told him across the company and soon I'd become a laughing stock.

Hey look, the guy who wants a guy to fuck his wife. I got up and got ready thinking I'd be greeted at work with snearing eyes but I was somewhat relieved when everything seemed normal and thought may be all of that was a bad dream.

I thought for a bit and with little smile shook his hand.

I ordered a beer as well and we toasted and the first thing I asked him to delete that pic from the phone.

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Now I can't even deny it if he decided to spread my fantasy but I was surprised with myself that even after finding myself in this situation, I was getting hard in my pants and part of me was enjoying the fact that a stranger has seen shruti naked even if just a picture.

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