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His young son Kilian, in his last year at wine college, stepped up to the plate.Kilian and his girlfriend (now wife) Angelina Lenz are now fully established, making modern dry Riesling, picked very late (at the end of October) for full ripeness and quivering with smoky minerals from the quartz-infused slate. You’d better get your asses over here.” So we jumped into the van and charged over to Piesport to catch them before they left the restaurant.It’s exciting to work with historic vineyards like Kanzemer Altenberg.“In the Saar there is a homogenous geology within each vineyard.They show definition, poise and intensity and set a benchmark of quality for others to aspire to.

The family has beautifully kept old parcels in prime vineyards in Piesport and Wintrich, all on steep slate slopes teetering precariously over the river.

There is often a slight sparkle within the blue slate which means there is a high oil content.

Whereas here on the Lower Mosel in Gondorfer Gans there is some blue slate too, but here it is mixed with red and yellow sandstone/slate and quartz.

On one of our early visits almost a decade and a half ago, we asked Clemens about the distinctive and fascinating nose on his wines, reminiscent of aged Rieslings, and he revealed that, in the search for further layers of complexity, he allows his grapes to oxidise slightly before fermentation. Tinkering with labels and classification – something that occasionally borders on “fiddling with skis” in our opinion.

A highly unusual technique back when he started doing it. It’s easy to forget the bureaucracy as you stand outside Clemens and Rita’s 17th Century picturebook house on the riverside, looking up at the overwhelming wall of vines on the opposite bank.

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