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found that teen sexting was not as prevalent as had been previously reported.

The study found that 1 percent of children aged 10 to 17 were engaging in "adult" communication, and seemed to discredit the often-circulated estimate that as many as one in five teenage girls were sexting.

Thirteen percent of adults 18-29 admitted to sending sexts, while 31 percent said that they had been on the receiving end.

So young adults are the most likely to sext, and while there are a substantial number of adults who engage in sexting with images, the study shows that it's not something "everyone is doing." THE DARK SIDE OF SEXTING The negative aspects of adult sexting may seem obvious.

"We've always sent photographs, drawings, written to each other," Perel says.

"Sex and love online gives you [the ability] to express yourself in ways that you [normally] do not." This sentiment can apply to people who are single as well as those in long-term, committed relationships.

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Experts differ on their feelings concerning the role sexting plays in infidelity, but say that sexting -- like any other form of illicit activity that doesn't involve one's long-term partner -- can be experienced as a betrayal. According to Allen, there are gender differences that exist when it comes to technology and intimacy in general. Childers, a professor of sociology at Washburn University, found that the opposite dynamics exist.

it's very very risky, both for the sender and receiver," says Lois Braverman, president of the Ackerman Institute for the Family, an organization focused on family therapy services, training and research. I told him that his package was not something I wanted to see, and asked him to never do something like that again. “I will never, ever live that down,” she told Huff Post.

A 22-year-old writer, Emily*, told The Huffington Post via email that she engaged in a casual texting relationship with an acquaintance two years ago that took a turn toward the inappropriate: One day, my phone buzzed and there it was. “He thought it was hilarious and didn’t really care …

"If you had a few too many [drinks] out with friends, you didn't used to have a way to totally embarrass yourself and ruin your life." Now it seems that for some people the Millennial equivalent of "don't drink and drive" has become "don't drink and text." This ease of smartphones can also create a false sense of intimacy for the parties involved, regardless of whether alcohol enters the picture. It feels like it’s just you and your phone.” And although a sext may seem private, it’s just as easy to forward a sext as it is to send.

“Phones specifically feel more intimate than computers,” Allen says. It’s this false security that can get people into trouble when they sext -- especially if they are involved in a separate, committed relationship.

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