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ENFJs are naturally compassionate individuals who are deeply connected to those around them.Their sense of empathy often makes them sensitive and soulful people.This makes them very charming people, which can cause people to admire their natural sensitivities, rather than judge them.Even though ENFJs are the giving and warm type, they also have a way of getting attention from others.They might be rather caring people, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t aware of social status.

People usually enjoy hearing what they have to say, and causes the ENFJ to be the center of attention rather often.Once an emotionally mature person notices the ENFJ males positive qualities, it will certainly set them apart from other men.ENFJ males are sometimes confusing to their romantic partners, especially since they are nurturing individuals.It can be quite the paradox, since ENFJs enjoy focusing on the needs of others, but at the same time easily become the focus of other peoples attention.ENFJ males might enjoy social situations, but more than anything they prefer real meaningful conversations.

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They simply do not fit into the stereotype of most men which implies they aren’t good listeners.

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